Warm air heating

Warm air heating

Winner of the IDHEE International Award for Excellence in 2013, the latest fully compliant, condensing warm air heaters offer a host of energy saving features and intelligent electronic controls and are available with or without domestic hot water.  With typical fuel savings of up to 28% and increased thermal efficiencies of up to 25% the benefits of a WarmCair heater over any non-condensing warm air heater are outstanding.

Utilising the high efficiency QuanTec boiler technology the combined WarmCair is the perfect replacement where hot water is required. There is also the option to run additional radiators or incorporate underfloor heating with the DW range. For more information have a look at our upgrade option here.

Also available is the optional ‘Cleanflow’ electronic air filtration system. This presents the perfect opportunity to electronically clean the air and remove tiny particles down to 1 micron small such as pollen, mould and cigarette smoke.

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