Although your existing heater may have served you well, depending on its age there is a good chance it's coming to the end of its useful life. Whether you are looking for a simple system upgrade or a new boiler and heat interface unit we can help. Read on to find out which system is best for you.

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Upgrading your existing warm air system

There are many benefits to warm air central heating. So there are many reasons to keep your system well maintained.

  • Fast warm-up times                        
  • Up to 98% efficient
  • No unsightly radiators                     
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • No pipes to freeze or leak               
  • Optional air-cleaning filtration


Swapping to a boiler & heat interface upgrade

Are you looking to save space? Would you like instant hot water, whenever you need it? Then this option could be perfect for you. Our QuanTec HR28C boiler is the most reliable and efficient boiler money can buy. Installed with our Aquair unit, they provide a highly efficient warm air heating system,  saving you both money and fuel and reducing the impact of emissions on the environment.

Upgrading enquiry

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