Our History


Now celebrating 100 years of manufacturing, which all began in a small garage in Blackpool. Johnson & Starley Ltd has been recognised since their early days as a company leading the forefront of innovation in warm air heating. 

The building of such a solid reputation started with two businessmen, Mr Johnson & Mr Starley, who opened a small but ambitious garage business.  With foresight and vision they soon saw how they could produce warm air heaters, but utilising the waste oil from their garage. 


Innovative heating advancements

Decades of successes ensued, seeing the Johnson & Starley name associated with many of the major advancements in heating solutions. When condensing warm air became mandatory, Johnson and Starley yet again applied its flair for innovation and began the next chapter in our story that saw the creation of the high energy efficiency warm air heaters we’re famed for today.

Best of British since 1922

Our heaters are designed and manufactured in Great Britain and since 1922 we have been supplying the UK market with heating solutions. From humble beginnings, the Johnson & Starley story is one of innovation and progress. And it’s a story we keep alive to this day- by proudly continuing to provide ground-breaking solutions to the evolving demands of our customers and the environment.



Our History