Energy Efficient Heat Recovery

Q-vent HR160/HR260


Modern construction and refurbishment standards are guided by environmental issues and energy conservation, resulting in dwellings with improved insulation and energy efficiency.

The dwelling becomes tightly sealed with much reduced adventitious ventilation. A lack of ventilation not only produces an uncomfortable living environment, but also puts the fabric of the building, and its contents, at risk from condensation.

To overcome these problems, the dwelling needs to be ventilated (i.e the stale moisture laden air replaced with fresh air) and the most efficient method is to use a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. Using this method the air can be managed to accurately control the amount of replacement and the fresh air is pre-warmed indirectly by the extracted air. An average family of four can generate 5-15 litres of water vapour per day and with no means of escape it will migrate to other parts of the house and condense on cooler surfaces

High Efficiency counterflow heat exchanger for optimum efficiencies

Heat Exchanger Counterflow