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Energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions are key factors when designing renovation schemes or new build development projects. As we know, the world wide Kyoto agreement which the UK government signed up to, has placed mandatory, strict demands on reducing greenhouse emissions going forward.

Decentralised heating systems via Heating Interface Units, are an effective way of achieving this and offers many benefits to both the investor and the occupants. The HIU is a non fuel burning appliance and therefore does not produce any carbon emissions in the property itself. This means access does not have to be afforded for essential annual maintenance as it does with individual gas condensing boilers and also the cost of carrying out annual servicing work is often substantially reduced. In addition it offers landlords the peace of mind that safety issues appertaining to gas burning appliances are no longer an issue. Heating Interface Units can be used to work in conjunction with all available heat sources.

The size of the system can vary from a smaller local heating system to a much larger complex district heating system and sub-stations. For this reason and the fact there are numerous combinations of HIU solutions and associated heat losses, Johnson & Starley’s solution is to provide our customers with bespoke units, individually tailored and designed not only to give optimum energy performance but also physically sized to be compatible with individual, project site constraints.

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*Aquair models only