Warm Air Heating Solutions

Aquair HIU range


Aquair is a water to air heat exchange unit with a heat output of 10, 16 and 20kW (assuming a hot water supply of 80C is available).

Available as either an upflow or downflow unit with modulating control incorporated. With a mesh filter fitted as standard, a Cleanflow electronic air cleaner being available as an option. The unit requires a supply of hot water at a minimum temperature of 80C. Water connections are top left or right handed through knockouts in the sides of the cabinet. Air is drawn in through the air filter or air cleaner (if fitted) and the heat exchanger by a centrifugal fan, and is discharged through the opposite end of the unit. An external summer air circulation switch (not provided) provides the facility to supply unheated air to the air outlets during warm weather. An external timer (not provided) will be required if it is necessary to set the periods of operation.