Technical Information

The use of incorrect controllers

The fitting of any NON open Therm- Compatible Controller to any of the WarmCair C Range of warm air heaters will invalidate the guarantee immediately. 

The fitting of this type of controller can cause severe damage to the heat exchanger and under no circumstances be used. This also applies to the 'retro' fitting of NON Open Therm-Compatible controllers to any of the WarmCair C Range.

Asbestos in heaters

Asbestos can be found in any industrial or residential building that was built or refurbished before the year 2000. It was in many common materials used in the building trade.

The downloadable document lists Johnson & Starley products that contained Asbestos materials within their manufacture. Any units not on the list will not themselves contain Asbestos materials, but materials used as part of the installation might. 

Johnson & Starley were the manufacturer of the unit only, and therefore cannot give any definitive information regarding the use of Asbestos containing materials as part of the installation. 

Warm Air replacement guide

With the introduction of the condensing WarmCair warm air heaters and the S-range of heat interface units, the replacements were designed as much as possible to maintain a similar footprint to the discontinued predecessors.

However this booklet is a guide only and any replacement should be checked by a gas safe engineer and heat loss calculations undertaken if necessary to ensure the correct unit is being specified.

All the information is provided in good faith, however Johnson & Starley Ltd make no representation or guarantee of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability of completeness of the information given.  

Flues in voids

The information provided here has been developed by the industry with reference to TB008 edition 3 and contains details for the installation of vertical condensing flexible chimney systems not addressed in detail within TB008 edition 3. 

Cleanflow Electronic Air Cleaner, replacing the filter media

We have changed the amount of filter media that are now used for the Cleanflow.  The new media pads are twice as thick so you only require one per change.  Please see the attached information to explain how to do this. 

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