Johnson & Starley’s LE155 whole house ventilation systems with heat recovery are playing a major role in the refurbishment of social housing within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Over 70 units have been installed within the kitchens of apartments in Hazlewood Tower to provide an energy efficient means of ventilating the properties, preventing condensation and solving the problem of cold bridging which affects so many properties of this type built in the 1960s.

The LE155 heat recovery units are replacing the original Johnson & Starley ventilation systems installed in the mid 1980’s which have given excellent service.  Installations are being completed by S&F Services of Beckenham after tenders were put out by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea TMO. 

The dwellings within Hazlewood Towers were originally under attack from condensation and mould growth, caused when moisture from the bathroom and kitchen migrates to the coldest part of the dwelling, including the wall, resulting in the visible effect of wallpaper peeling away, this was eliminated by the installation of the original HR150 units.

The new LE155 Low Energy units have been installed in the kitchens above the cooker. Stale, moisture laden air is extracted from the bathroom through a grille and then taken through encased ductwork into the LE155 unit. It also takes in the moisture and smells generated by cooking directly from the kitchen.  This air is passed across a heat exchanger to remove the heat and the residue is exhausted to the atmosphere through an external grille on the apartment’s balcony.  Fresh filtered supply air, with airborne particulate removed, is drawn across the heat exchanger and redistributed back into the apartment through grilles in dry rooms, including the lounge and bedroom.

Johnson & Starley Ventilation

The LE155 units are SAP Appendix Q listed and incorporate Energy Efficient EC Fans so their specification are in accordance with Kensington and Chelsea TMO’s drive to provide more energy efficient solutions for tenants and reduce the borough’s carbon footprint.  The JS6 remote dual control switch can be set to boost when occupants are generating more moisture through cooking or showering. In the summer mode the LE 155 can be used for extracting moisture only but in the winter can also be used to bring in external air for heating too.

The units cost as little as 2/3 pence per day to run and for tenants giving them a cleaner healthy living environment.  Another attraction for the occupants is the extremely low sound levels during operation.  Servicing of the LE units can be undertaken at the same time as the properties’ gas boilers are serviced

Installation of each LE155 unit takes S&F Services just one working day and causes very little disruption to the majority of tenants with old units swapped for new with minimal remedial repairs.

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