Home 'n' Dry Has Positive Affect On Hanover Bungalows

Dozens of elderly retirement bungalows managed by one of the country’s largest social housing providers have been fitted with positive input ventilation units manufactured by Johnson & Starley; helping rid the homes of condensation and mould problems.

The most recent residents to benefit live in terraced properties located at Crook in County Durham, as well as Killingworth, Tyne and Wear, and are part of Hanover Housing Association’s stockholding in the north of England. Across the North-east region as a whole some 300 of the high efficiency Home ‘n’ Dry units have been installed over the past decade.

Steve Taylor, Hanover Housing’s Technical Manager for the region, commented: “Our stock is generally around 25 to 30 years old and quite well insulated, but particularly in the case of our elderly care bungalows we have problems which result from residents closing or taping over trickle vents and switching off single room extract fans. A lot of the bungalows are also electrically heated and the occupants tend to turn off the night storage radiators in the spare bedroom which leads to them being cold, causing condensation.

“Along with my colleagues in other areas, we have been fitting the Johnson & Starley PIV units for five to ten years; including sometimes into flats within our high rise blocks. At Crook in Durham we decided to address a group of 14 terraced bungalows, installing the Home ‘n’ Dry units in the loft space, feeding air through a vent in the hallway.

“We also did a similar number at Killingworth where there were common issues, and it has had the effect of eradicating the problems where people were complaining of mould growth. As a responsible landlord organisation we have an obligation to consider the well-being of our residents - and with the elderly or vulnerable that is paramount – but also installing the Home ‘n’ Dry to tackle condensation is also looking after our assets.”

Johnson & Starley’s Home ‘n’ Dry positive input ventilation systems use energy efficient DC fans to provide a steady flow of filtered, tempered air at an infinitely adjustable speed, so that the performance can be matched to the individual dwelling. They will reduce relative humidity levels as the positive pressure created gently pushes stale, moisture laden air out through the building fabric. They also feature an hour run meter and anti-spike protection, with the five-year warranty from a reputable manufacturer making them an ideal fit for the affordable housing sector.

Hanover housing is continuing to install Johnson & Starley’s Home ‘n’ Dry units in properties across the country, for reactive maintenance reasons as dwellings with condensation issues are identified.

Date published: 10/10/16