Energy Related Products Directive

ErP explained

The Ecodesign for energy-related products directive was introduced in 2009 and the specific implementing measure (regulation) for space heaters and water heaters was published in 2013. These regulations establish minimum requirements and an energy labelling scheme for the products in their scope.

The scope of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling regulations on space and combination heaters is different. While the Ecodesign regulation covers products with a rated output up to 400 kW, the Energy Labelling Regulation covers products with a rated output up to 70 kW. Both regulations will come into force on 26th September 2015 and will be a mandatory requirement for all EU member states.

The Ecodesign regulation covers not only the levels of appliance efficiency but also emissions (CO2 and NOx) and noise (db). The result will be that householders will have a mechanism to compare the energy efficiency of their appliances within the home and lead to a reduction in energy consumption.

The Energy regulation will cover all products within a heating and water heating system and including, boilers, cylinders (up to 2,000 litres), heat pumps and solar thermal products. There are separate regulations for circulating pumps but those that are an integral part of the heater are dealt with by the manufacturer. The regulation for warm air heaters will be published in the next few years.

Boiler manufacturers must ensure that their products are fully compliant with the Ecodesign regulation and that they have the necessary compliant energy labelling. The energy label will have to be available and clearly visible at the point of sale and be on the manufacturer sales literature and website.

All Johnson & Starley boilers are ready for the introduction of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling regulations.

For the installer / heating engineer the boiler manufacturer will provide a further technical data sheet (fiche) with each product that will provide them with the actual efficiency level that they may wish to provide to their customer.

Where there are other products fitted at the same time as the boiler the installer / heating engineer will have to assess how these products effect the overall performance of the system as a package and provide the overall system efficiency for the accompanying label.

It is the responsibility of the person putting the package together that should deliver the final label providing details of the overall system efficiency. If a merchant provides the complete package they will have to provide the label but it is more likely that the installer / heating engineer will create the package and therefore have to provide the label.

However, Johnson & Starley will provide training and tools to help the calculation of the label.

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