Filters & air cleaners

Cleanflow Air Cleaner

When your air heater is operating on maximum load, all of the air within the dwelling passes across the air filter 6 times per hour. This presents the perfect opportunity to electronically clean the air and remove smaller particles such as pollen, mould and cigarette smoke.


The Cleanflow principle is simple and highly effective. It works by polarising the filter media and thereby the particles are attracted to it. Any particles that are not caught by the media have no polarised charge, so will not adhere to soft furnishings or walls and will be caught on subsequent passes.


The electronic screen is charged and in turn polarises the filter media. Particles are then attracted to, and captured within the media pads. Cleanflow will remove 95% of particles down to 1 Micron.

The illustration below shows various particles magnified 1000 times.

95% down to 1 micron
particles diagram